Every winter, homeowners begin the painful process of maintaining their driveways. For those who have dirt or gravel driveways, this task is even more difficult as homeowners must replace washed out gravel, patch holes, and rake rocks out of the lawn every spring. If you’re tired of fighting this battle, it’s time to consider installing a concrete driveway. Our team at TAG Exteriors in Indianapolis is here to assist you with all of your concrete installation needs.

concrete driveway

Concrete: the Preferred Material for Driveways

Concrete is a preferred material for driveways for a variety of reasons. Whether you live in the suburbs, out in the country, on a flat lot, or on a steep grade, concrete is the way to go.

1. Durability

Concrete is made to last. While concrete costs more than asphalt or gravel to install, its long lifespan makes a concrete driveway a worthwhile investment. If properly installed and maintained, a concrete slab can last upwards of 50 years! Furthermore, concrete driveways are exceedingly strong, enabling them to bear the weight of even the heaviest of vehicles.

2.  Low Maintenance

All driveways require some maintenance, and concrete is not exempt from this. Despite this, maintaining your concrete driveway is not a difficult task. Our concrete contractors recommend cleaning and sealing your driveway annually. Simply scrubbing the concrete with a hose and stiff brush prior to sealing is more than sufficient. Because Indiana winters can be so harsh, we recommend sealing your driveway every fall to protect it from road salts and ice.

3. Customizable

The beauty of concrete is its versatility. While many homeowners prefer the sleekness of a smooth, natural-colored slab, a variety of color and texture options are also available. We are experts at concrete stamping and coloring, allowing you to customize your concrete driveway to perfectly match the aesthetic of your home. 

Professional Concrete Contractors

At TAG Exteriors, we have the knowledge and expertise to complete all of your residential and commercial outdoor living projects. We are experienced at installing driveways, patios, sidewalks, steps, wheelchair ramps, and slabs, in addition to concrete removal, sealing, and repair services.  We also provide a variety of other home improvement services, including roofingsidingstorm damage restoration, and more. Contact us today at (317) 757-5005 to set up an appointment for a free estimate.