A roof on our home provides us with protection from the elements, but when a roof is in disrepair, it can cause real damage to your home. How do you know when you need to fix or replace a roof? Below are some tips from TAG Exteriors in Indianapolis for how to recognize the tell-tale signs of a roof problem.

Roof Repair and TAG Exteriors

1. Missing Shingles

If you have looked at your roof and noticed some shingles are missing, it may be time for a roof repair or even a replacement. A missing shingle is like an open wound which should be addressed quickly. With more exposure to the elements, that spot is likely to let in water and in turn cause real damage. If you are unsure whether you need to repair or replace the roof, contact our specialists for an estimate. They can help ensure your home remains sealed and protected from the weather. 

2. Water Spots on the Ceiling

If you have noticed buckling in the ceiling or water spots that seem to have come out of nowhere, it may be time to get your roof inspected. Chances are, there is more damage than what you see, so act on it right away. If you notice leaks in the corners of a home, you may also want to look into the state of your gutters. We offer gutter repair and installation services as well. 

3. Wear and Tear around Chimneys

Corners and crevices should be sealed well on the roof. If you are noticing the material around your chimneys, vents and pipes is loose, address it right away. A sealed roof is a protected roof. Even a small opening on a corner can cause wide-spread damage.

If you have noticed any of these tell-tale signs of a damaged roof, contact TAG Exteriors online for an estimate, or call us at (317) 757-5005 to speak with a representative about the state of your roof. Don’t waste another minute! Let us help you stay protected and dry.