Are you prepared for the cold? You should be, because it’s coming back for another go of it. Indiana is bracing for a second sub-zero-temperature attack of the winter, and now that we’ve got some experience with this type of weather, we can prepare better for the dreaded ice dams. So ask yourself: what have you done to ensure your home’s safety this time around?

So, what is an ice dam, anyways?

To put it simply, ice dams are created when water builds up and freezes, ultimately blocking your gutters from collecting and draining water and snow. As snow and ice melt on your roof—the heat from your home and the natural insulating properties of heavy snow makes this occur—it then runs down the slope and collects at the ice dam, pushing water and additional ice under shingles and along the ledge of the roof. This can then seep into the ceiling and down the walls of your home’s interior rooms. It isn’t necessarily poor roofing that takes the blame, but rather a plethora of issues cause ice dams, including improper ventilation, little or no insulation, and careless attending to gutters throughout the year. Ice Dam Removal

But What Can I Do To Prevent Ice Dams?

This is a question we get asked every winter season, when the cold temperatures are knocking on the door and the meteorologists predict our future to be full of white snow. Follow these steps to make sure you’re without the need of professional roofers and remodelers after the storms have blown over.

  1. Insulate your roof and ensure proper ventilation – Keeping the heat inside the home will help prevent ice dams, so properly ventilating your attic and insulating its floor will ensure your heat isn’t lost through the roof. Be sure to check with our professionals to help you tackle this project.
  2. Keep your gutters clean – It seems easy, but with the daily obligations of life, your exterior chores might sneak by. Don’t leave your gutters unattended!
  3. Get a roof inspection – If your roof is older, get it looked at. Most new roofs come with rubber sheathing to help prevent leaks cause specifically by ice dams.
  4. Hire a professional – If all else fails, hire an expert to remove the ice dam before extensive damage begins to take its toll.

For more tips and advice on preventing ice dams, read this in-depth blog. If you’d rather have a professional keep your Indianapolis-area home safe after this freeze thaws out, call the experts here at TAG Exteriors at (317) 757-5005. In addition to ice dam removal and prevention services, we also do general contracting, roofing, and many other types of home improvements.