You’re ready to throw open the windows and let the spring air in, but those old, wooden windows just won’t budge. Sure, wooden windows come with unique character and charm, but “stubborn” may not be quite the personality you had in mind. You’re tired of not being able to use them. It’s time for window replacement.

old window

When you’re ready to change out your old windows for new ones, TAG Exteriors is your go-to source for replacement windows. New windows are not only easier to open, but they’re also more energy efficient. Modern windows—instead of your older wooden ones—can easily save you money year after year on utility bills.

Window Options

We have a good selection of aluminum/metal windows, an extensive line of wooden windows, and Polaris® vinyl windows. (Note: Many customers like our vinyl windows because they will never rot, rust, or warp; never require painting; and are easy to clean. Win!) TAG Exteriors can even customize a window, in case your existing window sizing isn’t standard.

Replacement Process

The replacement process is easy. First, all you need is a free estimate and consultation from one of our TAG Exteriors staff members. We’ll help you decide which windows are best for your home and give you a no-obligation quote. From there, you can take a look at your budget and decide how to proceed.

If you move forward with your new windows, TAG Exteriors also provides professional installation. Before you know it, you’ll have those brand new windows. Just imagine going into any room in your house, opening the windows, and enjoying the fresh, Indiana air.

Get Started

To get your free quote, contact TAG Exteriors today at (317) 757-5005 during regular business hours, or fill out our online contact form any time, and our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. TAG Exteriors provides replacement windows, doors, gutters, siding, and more to homeowners in and around Indianapolis, IN.


photo credit: Blue Glass via photopin (license)