What can happen to your home when winter weather gives you snow, the snow melts, and then temperatures drop again refreezing everything in sight? Ice dams. An ice dam is a collection of ice that collects near the eaves of your home, creating havoc and potential roof leaks by blocking proper drainage. If an ice dam occurs, you want to get ice dam removal as soon as possible.

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TAG Exteriors wants to give Indianapolis residents a few tips for avoiding ice dams and costly repairs:

  • Make sure your attic is properly insulated. Keeping heat in your home can help prevent escaping heat from melting snow on your roof that will eventually refreeze and create ice dams.
  • Remove large amounts of snow from your roof. If you’ve had a large snowstorm, consider getting a roof rake and sweeping off some of the snow. Just be careful in doing so! Hire a roof professional if you cannot do this yourself.
  • Install heated gutter guards. These gutter guards prevent snow from clogging up your gutters and promotes proper drainage.

If you’ve been unable to prevent ice dams, then you will need to get ice dam removal as soon as possible. Roofing contractors can provide ice dam removal and help prevent further damage from occurring.

Indianapolis residents in need ice dam removal can contact TAG Exteriors at (317) 757-5005. TAG Exteriors is an experienced Indiana roofing contractor, with superior service and workmanship. Be sure to check out our current specials to see how TAG Exteriors can assist your home improvements and repairs.