Roof RepairThe air is starting to break away from the heat of summer, settling into sweater and campfire weather. It’s that time of year when you want to get cozy and read a good book. However, getting cozy indoors could be a challenge this fall and winter if your roof is in need of repair. Let our crew from TAG Exteriors share why.

1. Say goodbye to warm air.

It’s no secret that hot air rises. However, if your roof has poor ventilation, holes, or other major problem areas, it could be letting more hot air than normal escape your home. The result for homeowners is often higher utility bills and a home that just won’t seem to stay warm. (In addition to repairing your roof, you will also want to make sure the attic is properly insulated.)

2. Thermostat can’t keep up.

When hot air is escaping your home, your HVAC system has to work harder to keep your home warm. Your thermostat may be constantly kicking the heat on, trying to make up for the losses. However, if you can’t afford to keep your heat running 24-7, you may decide to dial back the thermostat, resulting in quite the chilly winter.

3. Open the door to leaks.

When water freezes, it expands. If your roof already has leaks or is in disrepair, water and ice can make its way inside, make roof problems worse, and even cause water damage inside your home or attic. Even a missing shingle or two, says Popular Mechanics, can give way to a leak.

The bottom line with all these concerns is that its best to fix your roof sooner rather than later. Roof replacement during the winter is challenging and often impossible due to fluctuating weather. So your best bet is to call a roofing contractor before the cold Indiana weather really kicks in.

For residents in the Indianapolis area, be sure to contact our crew at TAG Exteriors for an estimate by calling (317) 757-5005. We can also tell you about other ways to keep your home warm this winter, including window replacement, siding installation, and more. Let us help you welcome (rather than cringe at) the cold months ahead.


photo credit: Roof Repair Raleigh, NC via flickr license