TAG Exteriors has a team of expert masonry contractors that are ready to tackle the toughest of brick and stone jobs in Indianapolis. We specialize in all aspects of masonry, including interior and exterior installations and repairs. To speak with an expert stone and brick mason, contact us today at (317) 757-5005.

Professional Masonry Repairs

As one of the oldest building crafts, it’s no secret that masonry is a durable form of construction. Unfortunately, the sands of time and the forces of Mother Nature may bring structural or cosmetic damages that need to be repaired by a professional stone mason.

When the time comes, trust the contractors at TAG Exteriors to handle all of your repairs and restorations:

If your damage is on a greater scale, don’t worry because we also provide a range of repair services including roof repair and storm damage repair.

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Outdoor Masonry Ideas

Upgrading your home is easy with the help of TAG Exteriors. Our expert stone masons have years of experience in providing Indiana backyards with exciting features:

Give your existing patio new life with any of these great ideas! Or if you don’t have a patio, speak with one of our concrete contractors today by calling (317) 757-5005. We look forward to giving your family the outdoor space it deserves to dine and entertain.

Contact TAG Exteriors today by calling (317) 757-5005. Masonry is only a portion of what we do; we also provide door installations, gutter installations, vinyl siding, replacement windows, and commercial construction services.